Click Link to Print – Public Service Announcement Oct 15 Sucker River

October 15, 2020

Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

Our community of Sucker River has 4 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of 8 pm, Thursday October 15. There have been no confirmed cases at Chief Moses Ratt school. However, to support the leadership’s efforts to limit travel of staff coming in and out of the community we will have no school for Friday October 16, 2020.

Our staff will use this time to review and strengthen our safety protocols and procedures. LLRIB Education will continue to monitor the situation in the community and provide an update before Monday October 19. Please be assured we at LLRIB Education are continually working with LLRIB Health and in constant communication with Sucker River community leadership to do what is best for our students, staff and community members. The health, safety, and wellbeing of all students, staff and community remains our top priority.

All other LLRIB schools (SMVS, BPES and SRS) will remain open. We will continue to follow the guidelines of the LLRIB Education COVID-19 Emergency Plan and we will continue to adhere to health precautions and being ever more mindful to respect and follow all health guidelines. If your child is sick keep them at home and contact your respective school to provide an update. If your child shows symptoms such as; fever, cough, runny nose, breathing difficulties, chills, body aches and diminished smell we strongly advise that you call Health Line 811 or their
community Health Centre at (306) 425-1720.

Simon D. Bird B.Ed. M.Ed. M.N.G.D
Lac La Ronge Director of Education