Justice Unit

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La Ronge, SK Canada


Edmund Clarke – P – 306-425-1148 – F: 306-425-5548

Percy Mirasty – P – 306-425-1753

TOLL FREE: 1-800-567-7736

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band Restorative Justice Program mediation services delivered by aboriginal people in La Ronge for youth and adults who come into conflict with the law. The mediator attempts to bring people and resources together, so that the harm caused by the offence can be repaired. Agreements often involve community healing, compensation and emotional closure

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band Restorative Justice Program service area’s are:

  • La Ronge, Hall Lake, Sucker River, Grandmother’s Bay and Pine House.
  • Stanley Mission reserve covered by Stanley Mission Justice Unit.

The Role of the Community Justice Worker is to provide services in the following:

  • Coordinates the Alternative Measures Program.
  • Coordinates the La Ronge Community Justice Committee
  • Coordinates the Fine Option Program.
  • Reporting to Crown prosecutors or police regarding Alternative Measures.
  • Organizes and provides or facilitates mediation meetings, sentencing circles, healing circles, talking circles and education workshops.
  • Reporting and record keeping of documents and records of all activities.
  • Submits reports as required to PAGC Justice, La Ronge Chief & Council and Community Justice Committee
  • Section 84 Correction Service Canada Protocol agreement for Penitentiary Inmates.
  • Community Reintegration Plan agreement for all Provincial correctional centre’s
  • Work with Crime Reduction Program Steering Inter-agency committee.
  • Crime Reduction Program Selection Committee.
  • Involved case conferences with Correction Public safety and Policing.


The Lac La Ronge Aboriginal Court Worker Program: The court worker program assists accused to better understanding their rights, options, and responsibilities when appearing before the criminal courts. They help defendants and their families to understand their rights, the charge against them, and the consequences of those charges, and court procedures that will determine those consequences. They help clients deal with personal difficulties in the midst of court proceedings and obtain the services of Social workers, employments counselors, or drug and alcohol counselors. They help clients to communicate with the defense counsel, and other officials.

Court Locations:

  • Lac La Ronge and Pine House.
  • Stanley Mission covered by Stanley Mission Justice Unit.


  • Assist client at first appearance
  • Speak to adjournment
  • Assist client to enter plea
  • Assist client to speak to sentence
  • Explain client responsibility regarding sentencing
  • Act as liaison with support staff such as drug/alcohol counsellor, fine option, Legal Aid, and employment and training counselors.