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Implementation Tables for each LLRIB Community:

Lac La Ronge Implementation Tables

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La RongeMorin Lake Reserve (Hall Lake)Stanley MissionLittle RedSucker RiverGrandmother’s Bay

Located in north-central Saskatchewan, the Lac La Ronge Indian Band is the largest First Nation in Saskatchewan. Our reserve lands extend from rich farmlands in central Saskatchewan, all the way north through the boreal forest to the mighty Churchill River and beyond. Our central administration office is located in La Ronge, 241 km north of Prince Albert, on the edge of the Pre-Cambrian Shield.

LLRIB has 19 reserve lands which amount to 210,003.5 hectares and is a multi-reserve Band including the 6 communities:

Little Red River #106C & 106D

Morin Lake #217 (Hall Lake – Sikachu & Clam)

La Ronge #156
Kitsaki #156B

Sucker River #156C

Stanley Mission #157

Grandmother’s Bay #219

We are proud of our heritage and our Cree language, and of the educational opportunities, economic successes and social development work made possible by many years of strong leadership.¹

Every three years, the members of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band elect one Chief and twelve Councilors to control the affairs of the Band. Presently, the Council administers its Welfare, Economic Development, Housing, Recreation, Infrastructure, Health, Post Secondary, and K-12 Education Programs through the Financial Transfer Agreement.²

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2- Excerpt – LLRIB Education Information Handbook 2018-2019