About Us

Located in north-central Saskatchewan, the Lac La Ronge Indian Band is the largest First Nation in Saskatchewan, and one of the 10 largest in Canada, with a population of 11843, as of March 1st, 2023. Our reserve lands extend from rich farmlands in central Saskatchewan, all the way north through the boreal forest to the mighty Churchill River and beyond. Our central administration office is located in La Ronge, 241 km north of Prince Albert, on the edge of the Pre-Cambrian Shield. We are proud of our heritage and our Cree language, and of the educational opportunities, economic successes and social development work made possible by many years of strong leadership.

Official Name:  Lac La Ronge Indian Band Number: 353


Chief Tammy Cook-Searson
Little Red River John Halkett
Little Red River Keith Mirasty
Grandmother’s Bay Gerald R. McKenzie
Hall Lake Norman P. Ross
Sucker River Devin Bernatchez
Stanley Mission Jimmy Charles
Stanley Mission Robin McKenzie
Stanley Mission Linda A. Charles
La Ronge Charlene Venne
La Ronge Ann R. Ratt
La Ronge Dean Roberts
La Ronge Sam H. Roberts

Senator: Harry Cook

Council of Elders:

La Ronge

  • Bella Sanderson

Sucker River

  • Angelique Ratt

Stanley Mission

  • Joe P. Roberts
  • Sarah Ballantyne

Grandmother’s Bay

  • Abel Charles

Little Red River

  • Vacant

Hall Lake

  • Leonard (George) Halkett

Executive Staff:

  • Gladys Christiansen, Executive Director
  • Ruth Thomson, Executive Secretary
  • Victoria Beatty, Executive Assistant

Senior Management: 

  • Cynthia Cook, Director Social Development
  • Kyla McKenzie, Director of Indian Child and Family Services
  • Darryl McCrudden, Director of Finance and Administration
  • Kevin Roberts, Director of Sports & Recreation
  • Kristianna Merasty, Acting Director of Education
  • Mary Carlson, Director of Health Services
  • Rizwan Ahmed, Director of Support Services
  • Ron Hyggen, CEO of Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership
  • Tayven Roberts, Director of Public Works/Housing

Membership Authority: Section 11 by Indian Act

Election System: Band custom

Term of Office: 3 years

Last Election: March 2023

Next Election: March 2026

Council Quorum: 7 of 13

Funding Source: Financial Transfer Agreement

Treaty History & Language:

Territory: Treaty 6, Adhesion

Place of Signing: Molanosa (north end of Montreal Lake)

Date Signed: February 11, 1889

Dominant Language: Woodland Cree


Total Band Membership: 11843, as of March 1st, 2023.

Reserve Communities & Lands:

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band is composed of six reserve communities and 18 separate reserve lands.


  • Grandmother’s Bay
  • Hall Lake
  • La Ronge
  • Little Red River
  • Stanley Mission
  • Sucker River

Political Affiliations:

  • Prince Albert Grand Council (regional)
  • Federation of Saskatchewan Nations (provincial)
  • Assembly of First Nations (national)

The central office in La Ronge administers the band programs for the Lac La Ronge/Kitsaki, Hall Lake, and Sucker River communities in the areas of:

  • Administration
  • Education, Employment and Training
  • Social Development.
  • Health Services
  • Indian Child and Family Services
  • Public Works/Housing Branch (includes Lands Management).
  • Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership.
  • Woodland Cree Inc.
  • Justice Unit
  • Day Program
  • Keethanow Group of Businesses

The communities of Stanley Mission, Grandmother’s Bay, and Little Red River are self-administered. This arrangement ensures that these communities have more control over their services and programs.