March 25, 2020

Re: COVID 19 Update – LLRIB Emergency Control Group

The LLRIB Emergency Control Group met today to address many of the concerns, have discussions and make action plans in regards to the COVID 19 pandemic. COVID 19 affects every department and Band Member so for the time being LLRIB Emergency Control Group is meeting three times per week.

The need to protect our band members and communities requires an increased capacity for security services. With that in mind, the LLRIB Emergency Control Group has had some discussion with the La Ronge RCMP regarding road monitoring. The RCMP will support the monitoring process within all lawful parameters. Road monitoring should not be confused with a road closure. When it comes to road-monitoring, each community will implement, or already has, their own locally-developed process. We would like to remind our members to continue respecting social isolation guidelines by staying home and avoiding any non-essential travel out of the community. These are two ways which we can do to help “flatten the curve”.

Effective Thursday, March 26, the LLRIB Emergency Control Group will set up an Emergency Support Line for Band Members in La Ronge to call in for food and cleaning supplies kits. Each of the LLRIB communities will have their own local processes in place for this. It’s important to recognize we are only as quick as the suppliers. We expect be receiving shipments of these products shortly and once we do, care package kits will be put together on an as requested and referral basis. We ask for your continued patience as we sort out the logistics of product delivery, volunteer coordination and home delivery based on those requests. Starting tomorrow, Band Members can phone JRMCC at 425-4852 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm on weekdays to register and identify your needs.

Again, we sought input and advice with community Elders, the Anglican Church and provincial representatives regarding the difficult topic of wakes. As such, the LLRIB Emergency Control Group supports the following recommendations:

1. Maintain a list of participants, so if a case occurs we are able to track attendees;

2. Encourage ill people or those with high-risk medical conditions not to attend gatherings;

3. Virus can spread from people touching and kissing the body, therefore recommend viewing only;

4. If touching occurs, hand-washing before and after touching the body. Kissing highly not recommended;

5. Avoid shaking hands, hugging and touching each other;

6. Practice of proper hygiene, provide hand sanitizers;

7. Limit number of people in building to 25, and increase social distance between people ideally to 2 metres; and

8. Eliminate self-serve buffet style eating

We continue a wait-and-see approach regarding details of the recent federal government’s financial aid package will look like for LLRIB. Our financial team is in regular communication with all necessary organizations and agencies on this front.

Again, we stress the following: please wash your hands frequently with soap and water as it is best prevention for transmitting the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Use hand sanitizer only in a public place and where soap and water are not accessible.

Please also continue practicing “social distancing” by limiting all forms of social interactions. This means no visiting of seniors and Elders or those with chronic illnesses. It also means avoiding all forms of social gatherings such as house parties, card games, home bingos, etc. The importance of social distancing cannot be emphasized enough and is a seriously urgent matter to adhere to.

Again, as a collective group, we want to assure the LLRIB membership that we are working very hard on your behalf during this challenging and unprecedented time


Josephine Greyeyes/LLRIB Emergency Response Team

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