March 23, 2020

Re: COVID 19 Update – LLRIB Emergency Control Group

The LLRIB Emergency Control Group meet regularly to address all concerns, discussions and related action plans in regards to COVID 19 pandemic. Again, as a collective group, we want to assure the LLRIB membership that we are working very hard on your behalf during this challenging and unprecedented time.

Amongst today’s roundtable discussions, two important topics came up: funerals and access into our communities. The LLRIB Emergency Control Group fully supports the Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan’s March 17, 2020 memorandum from The Right Reverend Michael W. Hawkins (Bishop of Saskatchewan) and The Right Reverend Adam S. Halkett (Bishop of Missinipi) which stated the following:

• We are suspending all public worship and gatherings of the Diocese of Saskatchewan effective immediately.

• Effective immediately no public wake or funeral will be allowed in any of our Churches or Halls without prior consent from one of the bishops.

This is a very difficult, yet important, subject to discuss. Again, we strongly encourage families to engage in social distancing at this most difficult time.

Another topic the LLRIB Emergency Control Group fully supports is the monitoring of traffic access in the communities. Road monitoring should not be confused with a road closure, something that has not been agreed to at this time. When it comes to road-monitoring, each community will implement their own locally-developed process. Here too, residents are asked to respect social isolation guidelines by staying home and avoid any travel out of the community.

We are presently waiting details to see how the recent federal government’s financial aid package will look like for LLRIB. We are also waiting on the delivery of cleaning and food supplies. We ask for your continued patience as we sort the logistics on both of these.

In regards to food sustainability, we are closely monitoring the local situation with all stores. At this time, there is no food shortage in the north as the supply continues to flow to local grocery stores with regular deliveries.

Again, as a reminder, please wash your hands frequently with soap and water as it is best prevention for transmitting the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Use hand sanitizer only in a public place and where soap and water are not accessible.

We also strongly encourage you to continue practicing “social distancing” by limiting all forms of social interactions. This means avoiding all forms of social gatherings such as house parties, card games, home bingos, etc. The importance of social distancing cannot be emphasized enough and is a seriously urgent matter to adhere to.


Josephine Greyeyes/LLRIB Emergency Response Team

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