Proud to be Woodland Cree – Role Model Award Presentation – March 24, 2018

Youth Role Models – Poster Photo Album

Career Role Models – Poster Photo Album

Community Role Models – Poster Photo Album 


Seekwun Adams – Grandmother’s Bay
Montana Campeau – Little Red River
Darcie Dreaver – Little Red River
Austin McKenzie – Grandmother’s Bay
Darius McKenzie – Stanley Mission
Jaedon Roberts – Stanley Mission
Taryn McKenzie – La Ronge
Sky Nelson – La Ronge
Joseph Ratt – Sucker River
Ryanna Torrance – La Ronge


Crystal Eninew – La Ronge
Karen Maxwell – La Ronge
Thomas McKenzie – La Ronge
Edna MIrasty – La Ronge
Tayven Roberts – La Ronge
Wilma Roberts – La Ronge
Danielle Stillborn – La Ronge


Jennifer Beatty- Sucker River
Devin Bernatchez – Sucker River
Abel Charles – Grandmother’s Bay
Leonard Halkett – Morin Lake (Hall Lake)
Sandra Halkett – Morin Lake (Hall Lake)
Travis Hegland – La Ronge
Erwin Hennie – La Ronge (Elder)
Henry Ratt – Sucker River
Janet McKenzie – Stanley Mission
Kristen McKenzie – La Ronge
Wanda McKenzie –
Shirley Mirasty – Little Red River
Hilliard Mirasty – Little Red River
Jody Ratt – La Ronge
Joseph Roberts – Stanley Mission
Kevin Roberts – La Ronge
Dr. Rose Roberts – Stanley Mission
Sally Roberts – Grandmother’s Bay

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) honoured 35 members as Role Models during a banquet and presentation event held at the Jonas Roberts Memorial Community Centre (JRMCC) on Saturday, March 24, 2018.

The Role Models, in three categories of Youth, Career and Community, received a certificate, pin and copy of their poster.

The New Dawn Drum Group opened and closed the event with traditional drum songs.

Speakers included Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, and the project organizers, Amanda Roberts and Charlie Venne.

Andrea Ratt, singer and songwriter, entertained during the event.

Music and sound were provided by Northwind Music & Sound.

LLRIB members celebrated for success at special ceremony –

Ceremony Photo Gallery – Photo Album