PDF Download – Update for LLRIB Membership on Treaty 6 Agricultural Benefits

Friday, June 9, 2023.
Update for LLRIB Membership on Treaty 6 Agricultural Benefits, “Cows and Plows.”
We wanted to share an important update regarding our ongoing negotiations for the “Cows and Plows” claim under Treaty No. 6.
Here are the key highlights:
✅ Canada has agreed to enter into accelerated negotiations with us, addressing our entire claim. This is a significant step forward towards achieving a fair resolution.
✅ Our Agricultural Benefits Committee (ABC), along with legal counsel, has been actively preparing for in-person negotiations. We’re committed to representing the best interests of our community throughout this process.
✅ While it’s challenging to predict the exact timeline, negotiations have just begun. We remain hopeful that a settlement will be reached in the near future.
✅ As negotiations are ongoing, certain details must remain confidential due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement we signed with Canada. However, we assure you that we will provide regular updates to our community members as permitted.
✅ It’s important to note that no Treaty 6 Nation has received compensation for their “Cows and Plows” claims as of today. Our negotiations, like those of other Nations, are unique and confidential.
✅ We want YOUR voices to be heard! If a compensation package is agreed upon, a ratification vote will be conducted to ensure that every member has an opportunity to accept or reject the proposed settlement. We will organize Community Information Meetings before the vote, where you can learn about the settlement proposal and have your questions answered.
✅ As negotiations progress, we will continue to provide updates to our membership. Keep an eye out for announcements and further community meetings, where our legal counsel will directly address any concerns and provide more information.
We appreciate your ongoing support and trust as we navigate this crucial phase in our claim process. Together, we’re working towards a fair and just resolution for our Nation.
Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s keep moving forward, united as one!
Chief Tammy Cook-Searson
Lac La Ronge Indian Band
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