PDF Download – PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – Day scholar extension

The Indian Residential Schools Day Scholars Class Action deadline has been extended to January 4, 2024. A day scholar is a person who attended an Indian residential School as a student during the day only but did not sleep there at night. Qualified students are identified as Aboriginal People under the Constitution Act of 1982 that includes Indian, Inuit and Metis Peoples.

If you attended school in Lac La Ronge prior to August, 1968 you may qualify for a claim, estate claims can be made on behalf of deceased day scholars who died on or after May 30, 2005.

For further information on this class action settlement, you can contact:

Claims Administration – Deloitte at 1-877-877-5786 or on the website: www.justicefordayscholars.com or www.dayscholarsclaim.com

Or you can contact the IRS Program – LLRIB Health Services 306-425-9110.