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May 15, 2020


The Chief and Councillors are the elected government of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB). The function of the Chief and Council is to provide good governance for the Band including but not limited to making by-laws, strategic planning and fiscal management.

Over time, the LLRIB Chief and Council has developed an organizational structure to facilitate the efficient operation of programs and to encourage effective communication between the band, as an employer, its employees and the general band membership. To carry out the political and legislative decisions made by the Chief and Council, a public/civil service has been established and is headed by an Executive Director, who has overall operational responsibilities of the band.

Each band department is under the direction of a Program Director. The Program Directors report to the Executive Director with respect to their particular program. Directors do not have the ability to pass a bylaw that can be enforced; this is the role of Chief and Council. It should also be noted here, some situations differ slightly depending on the community. In sum, this is how the band operations are set up structurally.

In terms of the communication process, typically it is the duly-elected chief or, when required, a delegated councillor, who serves as the official spokesperson for the community and the organization. At this time, LLRIB is currently undergoing a leadership selection process and with Chief and Council out of office, the authority is then delegated to the Executive Director.

This year, however, brought forward new circumstances with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the March 20, while council was in campaign mode, LLRIB senior management (now referred to as LLRIB Emergency Control Group) implemented its Emergency Response Plan.

That plan also has a communication piece and through this, it was agreed at the time, the LLRIB Emergency Control Group, which includes the Executive Director and the Health Director, will communicate collectively through this process on all related pandemic matters. We are in a pandemic situation. There is no real value for any member of the Emergency Control Group to speak out or respond individually on social media regarding private and personal pandemic experiences as they may arise from time to time.

Once the newly-elected or incumbent Chief and Council returns back to office, the typical communication process will resume for these elected officials to speak on situations and matters as they usually do. Lastly, the LLRIB Emergency Control Group will continue its current and united communication process until further advised.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Kevin Roberts
Communications Coordinator
LLRIB Emergency Control Group

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