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May 14, 2020

Re: COVID 19 Update – LLRIB Emergency Control Group

With today’s announcement of a presumptive case identified in the Lac La Ronge area, the LLRIB Emergency Control Group is once again reminding the public to adhere to all guidelines and take all preventative, personal measures in regards to the COVID 19 pandemic. We would also like to thank those who are following all of the recommendations from LLRIB Emergency Control Group, this has been difficult for all of us and we commend you for your commitment to ensuring you and your families stay healthy and safe.

While this news may be alarming, we wish to assure the community all precautionary steps have been taken to address the situation as it evolves. It’s important to remember, all public health orders remain in effect and measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 must still be followed. We would also like to remind band members to continue being diligent and continue doing your part to keep yourself, your family and our community safe. We appreciate that people want to be outdoors as spring weather is now here, however we must remind you we still remain under restrictions. Again, please adhere to the following:

 Stay home and in your yard as much as possible
 Maintain social distancing guidelines (six feet or two metres from others)
 Avoid situations of gathering in groups (no more than 10 and limit to close family contacts)
 Avoid non-essential travel outside of the community
Monitor yourself for any flu-like symptoms

We also strongly encourage you to continue practicing “social/physical distancing” by limiting all forms of social interactions. Gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people (excluding family members living in the same household). Large public and private gatherings – indoors and outdoors – are still prohibited. Avoid all forms of social gatherings such as house parties, card games, home bingos, etc. The importance of social distancing cannot be emphasized enough and is a seriously urgent matter to adhere to.

In terms of going outside, you are encouraged to be outside on your own property, including your backyard or balcony, as long as you are not physically interacting within the set parameters. You may go outdoors, but only if you are asymptomatic and can maintain the required social distance of two metres at all times. You must maintain proper hand hygiene and avoid contact with shared surfaces (handrails, outdoor playground equipment, etc). Where possible, avoid all shared spaces and public places where you cannot maintain this distance.

Again, as a collective group, we want to assure the LLRIB membership that we are working very hard on your behalf during this challenging and unprecedented time.


LLRIB Emergency Control Group

Josephine Greyeyes – Emergency Coordinator

Kevin Roberts – Communications Coordinator

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