Memo to LLRIB Members of La Ronge area, Morin Lake Reserve and Sucker River – memo to llrib band members


Lac La Range Indian Band & Keethanow Group of Businesses currently have multiple entry-level and professional-level Jobs available in various programs and businesses; Unfortunately, LLRIB
Band members are not applying to these jobs and due to these unfilled vacancies, our departments are-facing employee shortages, which results in service delays;

Social media is full of concerns and complaints regarding service delays and line ups at the stores and businesses. The effective service delivery depends on the availability of efficient manpower; it is our responsibility to be a part of solution and not a problem. As your Band Council, we ensure that our jobs are available to our Band members, however, the current employee shortage is building pressure on our programs to either compromise on service delivery or to go out of the Band to hire non-band members.

The LLRIB Hall Lake, La Range, & Sucker River Council encourages
all LLRIB Band members to apply for available jobs within Lac La Ronge Indian Band and Keethanow Group of Businesses. Alternatively, the departments are left with no choice but to go outside of the Band membership to cover the employee shortages.