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PDF Download – LLRIB-2019 Annual Report-072920 final report

progress chart

Workforce Development

Cameco and the LLRIB work to maximize employment benefits to its members from Cameco’s operations. The Workforce Development pillar within the CA supports programs to aid in skills development and employment readiness for members.

In support of these initiatives, Wilma Ratt was hired in 2019 as the LLRIB community liaison officer. Wilma is the main contact person for Cameco and is responsible for co-ordinating efforts to train and employ members in connection with the Key Lake and McArthur River operations when they come back into production. Wilma assists Cameco and LLRIB in developing and maintaining a skills database and supports skills development strategies for LLRIB members. Wilma also assists with the implementation of the agreement.

For more information on the skills database or on how to input your information, please contact:

Wilma Ratt,
Community Liaison Officer
Ph: 306-425-2183
Email: [email protected]

Business Development

In 2019 Athabasca Catering Limited Partnership (ACLP) continued to support and provide catering and hospitality services to Cameco at the four northern Saskatchewan operations. We completed our first contract review process under the evergreen agreement that was signed in 2016. ACLP provides an opportunity for many people from the north to work and develop skills in the hospitality industry. Did you know that 70% of their workforce are Residents of Saskatchewan’s North?

Northern Resource Transport (NRT) continues to be a valued and reliable partner for the delivery of freight and bulk materials to the northern mines. Through a combination of owner operators and company drivers, over 2,000 loads of freight were safely delivered to the mines in 2019. In addition, NRT supplies drivers to operate the slurry haul trucks that deliver ore from Cigar Lake to McClean Lake, enabling both sites to meet production objectives. NRT continues to be a leader in supporting the resource sector and has proven to be very resilient while maintain service through the current slow uranium market.

Community Investment

The benefits of the CA are demonstrated through a wide range of initiatives that have been made possible by the LLRIB Community Trust.

In 2019, trust funds made it possible to purchase a headstone to honor and commemorate ancestor and Chief James Roberts who signed Treaty 6 Adhesion on February 11, 1886. The headstone ceremony at Little Hills (Reserve #158A LLRIB) Gathering, where the burial site is located was held July 25th to July 31. This initiative brought people and communities together to promote pride in our culture and to learn the history of where we are and where we came from.

For more information on the trust and the application process, please contact:

Gladys Christiansen,
LLRIB Executive Director
Ph: 306-425-1163
Email [email protected]

Community Engagement

Community engagement and environmental protection is a priority for both the community and Cameco. During this extended state of care and maintenance at McArthur River and Key Lake, there is a strong focus on continuing to protect the environment in and around the operative areas. Water treatment, environmental monitoring, waste management, radiation dosimetry programs and safety programs all continue unchanged from when both sites were in production. Environmental staff that remain on site continue conducting routine sample collections.

Under the agreement, Cameco and the Lands and Resource Management Board (LRMB) maintain open lines of communication to ensure that the LLRIB community is informed and engaged. On an ongoing basis, information is shared about the sites and the ways Cameco works to avoid and minimize environmental impacts.

The Traditional Lands and Resource Coordinator, Jeanine Patterson, was hired in 2019 and coordinates efforts between Cameco and the LRMB to ensure commitments are being met. The LRMB provides information to the communities about Cameco’s operations. Cameco has communicated with the LRMB its intentions to relicense the Cigar Lake operation in 2021 for a 10 year term. Community members are encourage to share their questions and concerns about the operations and environment with:

Jeanine Patterson,
Traditional Lands and Resource Coordinator
Ph: 306-425-2183
Email: [email protected]