Click Link to Printed – Caribou art contest poster-updated, LLRIBv2

Caribou Habitat


Share your artwork with the Prince Albert Model Forest so we can protect caribou habitat and show what makes caribou important to your First Nation


Grocery gift cards – Restaurant gift cards – Art Set

Up to $50 value each!

  • Your artwork will be part of a visual story that includes the values, vision and action needed in caribou habitat management.
  • This visual story will also inform the Caribou Habitat Management Range Plan for Northern Saskatchewan (SK1) and the SK2 Central plan
  • Artwork can include drawings, paintings, beadwork and anything that can be digitally entered into a poster format
  • Deadline for submissions is JUNE 20, 2020
  • For more information, please contact Sarah Schmid
    c: 306.314.9181     e: [email protected]

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