On the recommendation of the LLRIB Election Tribunal, Chief and Council have set new dates for the 2020 LLRIB Chief and Council Elections: MAY 11-26, 2020

• May 11-25, 2020 electronic voting open to all LLRIB members;
• May 25, 2020 polling stations in Stanley Mission and Lac La Ronge/Kitsaki; and
• May 26, 2020 polling stations in all communities which shall include:

1) Electoral Section 1- Little Red River Reserve #106C and #106D;
2) Electoral Section 2 – Grandmother’s Bay Reserve #219;
3) Electoral Section 3 – Morin Lake Reserve #217;
4) Electoral Section 4 – Sucker River Reserve #156C;
5) Electoral Section 5 – Stanley Mission Reserve #157;
6) Electoral Section 6 – Lac La Ronge Reserve #156 and Kitsaki Reserve #156B;
7) the community of Brabant Lake and the community of Pinehouse;
8) the urban centres of Prince Albert and Saskatoon.

In an effort to support social and physical distancing requirements that we are all following, this Election will also provide for electronic voting, in addition to regular polls.

To avoid any gap in governance during the election period, Chief and Council have also extended the current term of Council until May 26, 2020. As is the usual practice during an election period, Chief and Council will officially vacate the office on April 30, 2020, for the duration of the election.

The Election Tribunal recommended that certain provisions be met or exceeded in order to safely hold the 2020 Election, and should any of those requirements change, or should Council, on the advice and recommendations from health experts, decide that it is no longer safe to hold the Election, they may postpone the Election and resume office, until such time as it is safe to hold the Election.
More information about voting options and the Election will be circulated shortly. We thank you for your understanding and support as we navigate these uncertain times.

For further information, please contact:
Milt Burns, Electoral Officer at 306-222-1478 or [email protected]

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