April 15, 2020

Re: COVID 19 Update – LLRIB Emergency Control Group

The LLRIB Emergency Control Group is asking for your understanding and cooperation to address travel concerns in regards to the COVID 19 pandemic.

In addition to the road monitoring in our communities, we are asking our community members to respect and adhere to the following:

  • Travel out of the community should be for emergency or medical-related purposes only
  • Remember that when travelling south that the case numbers are growing everyday and to stay vigilant on hand washing and limiting your exposure

We are attempting to put guidelines in place to minimize any possible community transmission of the virus. The reality is, that if our members do not follow the advice and COVID -19 does infiltrate our communities we do not have the necessary resources such as nurses, doctors and oxygen therapy supplies that would be needed to manage such an outbreak. Think of the people in your family and community that would not have the immunity to fight this virus. The most vulnerable are those who are immuno-compromised, have underlying health conditions and our Elders. Each individual person must do their part in infection control practices and prevention of the spread of COVID – 19.

Information kits have been provided to the Road Monitoring sites to educate members and encourage the recommendations be adhered to.

Again, as a reminder, please wash your hands frequently with soap and water as it is best prevention for transmitting the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Use hand sanitizer only in a public place and where soap and water are not accessible.

In addition we strongly encourage you to continue practicing “social distancing” by limiting all forms of social interactions. This means avoiding all forms of social gatherings such as house parties, card games, home bingos, etc. The importance of social distancing cannot be emphasized enough and is a serious and urgent matter to adhere to. As a group we can make recommendations but each person has a responsibility to protect our communities.

Again, as a collective group, we want to assure the LLRIB membership that we are working very hard on your behalf during this challenging and unprecedented time.


Josephine Greyeyes/LLRIB Emergency Response Team