Lac La Ronge Region Community Alcohol Management Plan (CAMP) 2019 Survey

Click link to participate in the survey: 

For those who are not residents of the Lac La Ronge Region: Thank you for your interest in this survey, but you must be a resident of the Lac La Ronge Region communities to participate.

Responses from the surveys will be used to inform the region’s community action plan targeted at reducing the harms from alcohol. Information gathered is owned by the community and will be stored by the province on their behalf for the purposes of assisting with the analytics for your community alcohol management plan.  

Your name is not part of this survey so you cannot be identified. 

If you need support to address substance misuse, please contact:

La Ronge Medical Clinic                                 306-425-2174
La Ronge Mental Health and Addictions          306-425-4840
LLRIB Jeannie Bird Clinic                                306-425-3600
Little Red Health Clinic                                    306-982-4294
Hall Lake Health Clinic                                    306-425-8075
Sucker River Health Clinic                               306-425-5591
Stanley Mission Health Clinic                          306-635-2090
Grandmother’s Bay Health Clinic                    306-635-4440
Prince Albert Mental Health and Addictions    306-765-6550

Lac La Ronge region community members can pick up a copy of the Community Alcohol Management Plan from the offices of the Town, Village and Lac La Ronge Indian Band.  This plan was endorsed in June 2016 compiling responses from community members and Lac La Ronge region stakeholders. Updates from the CAMP Committee can be found on the Lac La Ronge Region Community Alcohol Management Plan’s Facebook Page –