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Dog Control By-Law Notice

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Dog Control By-Law Notice

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band is providing notice that there is a by-law in place outlining the Band’s control and support over our large animal population. The purpose of the by-law is:

• To provide for the licensing and registration of cats and dogs;
• To control and regulate cats and dogs;
• To provide for the impounding of dogs that are running at large;
• To provide a safe environment from dangerous dogs.

The Animal Control Officer, or any other person designated by the Council, may capture or seize any dog found running at large, or in respect of which any other violation of the By-law has been committed and shall thereupon deliver such dog to the Band Dog Pound.

Owners shall ensure that their animal does not run at large and are provided with:

a) Clean potable drinking water and food of sufficient quantity to allow for healthy growth and the maintenance of healthy body weight, and to ensure that the animal does not become a nuisance;

b) The opportunity for regular exercise, under appropriate control, sufficient to maintain good health; and

c) Necessary veterinary care when the animal exhibits signs of pain, injury, illness, or suffering.

All animals aged 3 months and over must be registered as provided by this by-law.

Registration forms and the by-law are available at our office or online at

Completed registration forms can be dropped off or faxed to our office or emailed to:

Animal Control Officer-Baptiste Mirasty 420-7708

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January 9, 2021 Covid-19 Update


Good Evening,

Today we have 10 new cases and 6 recoveries of COVID-19.

Of these numbers,

La Ronge on-reserve has 2 new cases and 4 recoveries, total 54 active

Grandmother’s Bay has 4 new cases, total 18 active

Little Red has 2 new cases, total 4 active

Stanley Mission has 2 new cases and 2 recoveries with 3 in hospital, total 16 active

Thank you to our health care teams who are doing amazing work during a very stressful time. We are beyond proud and grateful for all that they do.

Please follow the advice of the public health care teams who are working tirelessly to help slow the spread of COVID 19, which can be a very serious health risk.

Please do your part and do not visit outside of your household, stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands often and keep a social distance from others.

We are all in this world pandemic together and we will get through this together.


Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, Council and Emergency Control Group


January 6, 2021 Covid-19 Update


Good evening,

Today the LLRIB communities have a total of 14  new cases and  9 recoveries.

La Ronge Reserve has 4 new cases and 8 recoveries, total 55 active cases

Stanley Mission has 0 new cases and 1 recovery, total 15 active cases

Grandmother’s Bay has 5 new cases and 0 recoveries, total 8 active cases

Sucker River has 2 new cases and 0 recoveries, total 4 active cases

Hall Lake has 1 new case and 0 recoveries, total active 3 cases

Little Red River has 2 new cases and 0 Recoveries, total 2 active cases.

Thank you to everyone for your support and advocacy, we are now part of the first allotment of the 4,900 doses of the Moderna Vaccine. We are grateful for the first shipment of 1450 doses of the Moderna vaccine coming to the Far North East (our region) and is on its way from Regina.

Our health care teams are preparing to receive and administer the Moderna vaccine to our priority populations, as identified on the provincial sequencing plan; Long term care residents and staff, personal care home residents and staff and priority health care workers.

Please continue to be vigilant as prevention is our best option to help slow  the spread of the virus.

Please continue to social distance, wash your hands regularly, wear a mask, and do not visit outside of your household.

Stay safe,

Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, Council, and Emergency Control Group