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Public Service Announcement – Covid-19 Variant (VOC) positive case in LLRIB Community – Date: March 17, 2021

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Public Service Announcement

Covid-19 Variant (VOC) positive case in LLRIB Community

We have been notified by health officials that we have one positive case of the COVID-19 Variant of Concern (VOC) in our community of La Ronge on-reserve.  The positive case and close contacts are self isolating and contact tracing is ongoing.

As of today there are 135 confirmed cases of the new (UK and African) Covid-19 Variant of concern (VOC) in Saskatchewan.  There are currently 313 presumptive Covid-19 VOC cases reported in the Far North East (1), Saskatoon (6), Central East (5), Regina (264), South Central (23) and South East (14) zones. (

The positive COVID-19 VOC test result has been sent to the National Microbiology Lab (NML) to determine which variant of concern it is.  Currently in Canada there are 3 variants of concerns identified the UK, African and Brazilian variants of concern.

These new COVID-19 Variants of Concern have higher transmission rates with more severe symptoms.

As more cases of these variants come into into our communities, we ask that you continue to follow the public health orders including wearing a mask when in public, keeping within your household & outdoor bubble (up to 10 people), wash your hands frequently, and social distance.

Please stay home if you feel unwell even with mild symptoms and if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Get tested if you experience symptoms or if you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive.


Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, Council & Emergency Control Group

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Consulting Dentist – Deadline for Submissions: April 12, 2021

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The Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services (LLRIBHS) invites general dental practitioners to submit proposals for visiting dentist supervisor to provide services for the Dental Therapy Program in LLRIBHS communities (La Ronge, Sucker River, Hall Lake and Grandmother’s Bay).


The Lac La Ronge Indian Band Health Services will promote healthy communities for the well-being of all members.

The five (5) communities we serve will work together to promote and enhance healthy lifestyles by ensuring accessible and quality health services.

The dental program has been in existence since 2005; we serve four (4) communities, five (5) schools and have a two (2) fully equipped modern dental chairs located at the new MIKISEW Building in Far Reserve which is also the main office for the dental program.

Our team consist of one (1) Dental Supervisor, two (2) full time Dental Therapists, one (1) Dental Hygienist and five (5) COHI Dental Aides. The Dental Therapists provide all preventive, restorative and emergency dental services within their scope of practice under the supervision of a dentist. Any dental services that are required out of their scope of practice will be referred to appropriate specialist or Dentists.

The Dental Program includes the COHI (Children Oral Health Initiative) which has the primary goal of providing preventive services to children between the ages of 0-5 years. This includes oral hygiene education to parents and application of fluoride varnish every three (3) months.

Our main goal is to educate all children, parents and teachers on oral health through preventive strategies so that everyone can have good oral health for better quality of life.


The Consulting Dentist will work with the Dental Program Team and be responsible for:

1. Travel to La Ronge every school year between September and October for a stay of not less than five (5) days. Dates are determined depending on the date and time suitable for the school(s), Dental Team and Dentist. The Dental Supervisor will arrange dates and times and formalize arrangement with the Dentist prior to the visit.

2. Performing initial examinations for all school children and outline treatment plans for dental therapist to complete by end each year.

3. Responding to Dental Therapists and providing information, direction and prescriptions as needed.

4. Providing an evaluation of job performance for Dental Therapists from time to time as required.

5. Providing an evaluation of infection prevention and control for each clinic if/when requested.

6. Provide any information and assistance to Dental Therapist during regular working hours and in the case of emergencies outside of regular working hours.

7. Providing progress reports and updates regularly and as requested. The submission of these report(s) and presentation(s) will be both electronically and in print.


    • Scope of experience
    • Clarity, content and comprehensiveness of proposal
    • Demonstrates a strong understanding of First Nations
    • Budget expectations
    • Timelines


  • The successful Consultant should ideally have the following qualifications:
  • Minimum qualification of DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
  • Valid license to practice as a Dentist from Canadian Dental Association and Saskatchewan Dental Association
  • Must have letter of good standing
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as general dental practitioner and 3 recent references
  • Knowledge of First Nations culture and communities is an asset.
  • Project experience that demonstrates the Consultant’s ability to develop Strategies with objectives for implementation.


The Consultant’s proposal shall be submitted in several parts as set forth below. The Consultant will confine its submission to those matters sufficient to define its proposal and to provide an adequate basis for LLRIBHS’ evaluation of the proposal.
The Consultant’s proposal in response to this RFP will be incorporated into the final agreement between LLRIBHS and the selected Consultant. The submitted proposals will include each of the following sections:

1. Executive summary
This section will present a high-level synopsis of the Consultant’s responses to the RFP. The Executive Summary should be a brief overview of the engagement, and should identify the main features and benefits of the proposed work.
2. Approach and methodology
Include detailed processes and technical expertise and should include a description of each major type of work being requested of the Consultant. All information provided will be held in strict confidence.
3. Project Deliverables:
Include descriptions of the types of reports that will we delivered through this project.
4. Detailed and itemized pricing
Include a fee breakdown and estimates of travel expenses.

Please submit the proposal to:
Giselle Gaudet – HR Coordinator
P.O. Box 1770
La Ronge, SK S0J 1L0
Fax: 306-425-5520
Deadline for Proposal Submissions is April 12, 2021

NITHA’s COVID-19 Vaccine Survey (PAGC, MLTC, PBCN, and LLRIB members only)

Welcome to NITHA’s COVID-19 Vaccine Survey (PAGC, MLTC, PBCN, and LLRIB members only)


Please click link to start the survey ⇒

This survey is confidential and will be used to plan measures for vaccine hesitancy for all NITHA communities. Your information will not be shared.

The survey is anonymous, but if you wish to leave your contact information at the end of the survey for your chance to win a gift certificate.

If the link does not work, please let contact –

Dog Control By-Law Notice

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Dog Control By-Law Notice

The Lac La Ronge Indian Band is providing notice that there is a by-law in place outlining the Band’s control and support over our large animal population. The purpose of the by-law is:

• To provide for the licensing and registration of cats and dogs;
• To control and regulate cats and dogs;
• To provide for the impounding of dogs that are running at large;
• To provide a safe environment from dangerous dogs.

The Animal Control Officer, or any other person designated by the Council, may capture or seize any dog found running at large, or in respect of which any other violation of the By-law has been committed and shall thereupon deliver such dog to the Band Dog Pound.

Owners shall ensure that their animal does not run at large and are provided with:

a) Clean potable drinking water and food of sufficient quantity to allow for healthy growth and the maintenance of healthy body weight, and to ensure that the animal does not become a nuisance;

b) The opportunity for regular exercise, under appropriate control, sufficient to maintain good health; and

c) Necessary veterinary care when the animal exhibits signs of pain, injury, illness, or suffering.

All animals aged 3 months and over must be registered as provided by this by-law.

Registration forms and the by-law are available at our office or online at

Completed registration forms can be dropped off or faxed to our office or emailed to:

Animal Control Officer-Baptiste Mirasty 420-7708

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