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Bill S-3 and the Collaborative Process on Indian Registration, Band Membership and First Nation Citizenship

Click Link to Print – Invitation to Bill S.3 2019 

If you have any questions, please refer to the linked PDF ⇒ COLLABORATIVE PROCESS 


For more information contact:

Anita Cook 306-425-2183/306-425-7373
Loretta Tremblay 306-425-2183/306-420-4237
Florence Bonaise 306-635-2115
Ann Ratt 306-425-2183/306-425-7455
Gladys Christiansen 306-425-2183

Or your community Councillor

PUBLIC NOTICE – Please Provide LLRIB Membership With Your Current Mailing Address

You can email your current address to the Membership Office:

Anita Cook – email
Loretta Tremblay – email

The Lac La Range Indian Band would like all members to update their current mailing address. We would like to ensure that all band members are receiving all the information that we are sending out.

LLRIB will be mailing out the revised Election Act to Off-Reserve members as soon as possible.

On-Reserve members will have their revised Election Act delivered to their houses.

If you do not receive the revised Election Act please call the band office at 306-425-2183 immediately to have one sent out.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or the Election Act please contact Anna or Jeanine at 306-425-2183.

Your participation is appreciated thank you!